Akita Inu Breed of Dog

The Akita Inu dog has its origin in Japan. It is a natural dog that was domesticated from the mountainous region in the northern part of Japan.

Commonly referred to as the Great Japanese Dog, the Akita Inu is a hardy dog that was purposely domesticated for the purpose of tracking down wounded wild beer and sika beer. It was also very useful for holding prey at bay until hunters arrived for a kill. This breed of dog has been crossbred with other dog breeds including those from Asia and England, such as with the English Mastiff. It has also been crossbred with the German Shepherd Dog.

The Japanese Akita Inu is a type of dog with a short double coat. You may also find one with a long coat. It is a dog that has a high degree of strength. It tends to be dominant when with other breed of dogs. While it bonds very well with all family members, it remains aloof and highly suspicious of strangers. Although this breed of dog is very suitable as a house pet, it does not get along well with other breed of dogs. It therefore requires a very knowledgeable owner.

This breed of dog remains highly devoted to its master. It is one of the cleanest dogs you can find and will always clean its face especially after a meal. It develops a very close tie with family members and will protect the same from harm at all costs. Unlike most dogs, the Akita Inu dog has a particular liking for kids and will always be found where children play.
Due to its large size, the Japanese Akita Inu has a number of health problems. Such include hip dysplasia, cardiac and eye diseases. These can however be prevented through regular veterinary care.