Peaches rolls in the grass by the feet of his breeder, Hubert Lavy. The French bulldog casually sniffs Lavy’s shoes and jeans, finding the scent of the other dogs at the kennel.

“If you ever want a pet, this is what you get,” he said. “They are the most loving, comical pets.”

Every candidate on the Nov. 2 ballot, along with every campaign promoting or opposing propositions and amendments, filed their last campaign finance reports before Election Day on Monday. The reports showed how much money each has raised and, just as or more important, who was giving it to them. Candidates for a U.S. Senate seat, Boone County Presiding Commissioner and three districts in the Missouri House of Representatives are only a handful of folks Boone County residents will get to vote for next week.

One of the many dogs at Tenderheart Kennel in Silex jumps on its fenced enclosure. Tenderheart Kennels is owned by Hubert and Sharon Lavy, and the kennel would be affected if Proposition B passes.

Tenderheart Kennels owner Hubert Lavy holds and plays with one of his bulldogs early Wednesday morning. Lavy is an adamant supporter of voting no on Proposition B. "You can't treat all dogs the same, so you can't write a bill that covers everything they need," he said.

Tenderheart Kennel is one of many large-scale dog breeding operations in Missouri that would be affected if voters statewide approve Proposition B on Tuesday.

Proposition B would add new regulations to current laws governing dog breeders in Missouri. The regulations are limited to dog breeders with 10 or more breeding females. Tenderheart Kennel has 37 breeding females, but only breeds about 20 of them; the rest are too young or too old.

The Lavys oppose Proposition B because they fear it would be cost-prohibitive to meet all of the proposed standards.

“It’s the only thing I want to do for the rest of my life,” Hubert Lavy said. “It’s my hobby, it’s what I love to do and, dammit, they are going to take it away from me.”

Hubert Lavy estimated renovations to meet the standards in Proposition B would cost $50,000. He put his yearly earnings at $15,000 to $20,000.