What tools are needed for dog grooming? This question is freshly baked every dog owner. Package, the answer is no. Therefore, there are some explanations below.

Dog Comb
For the maintenance of long-haired breeds of stock and one uses a dog comb. This will prevent tangles and remove dead hair. The finger length is determined by the size of the animal. For hairy giant breeds are metal combs with wide teeth that have a large distance from each other.

Flea and Dust Comb
For the removal of dust and vermin from fine hairs used to the dust or flea comb with narrow tines.

Dog brush
To ride the coat of dust and little dead Stichelhaar one uses dog brushes. Especially enjoyable are natural hair brushes, but these have come at a price. Especially for the coarse hair terrier tines were developed with metal pins. For Poodle brushes it is simple, can have curved tines, especially the fine hair.

Dog toothbrush and dog toothpaste
Tooth brushing for dogs? This may well be appropriate, if the dog is not getting enough opportunities, for example, to clean bones to nibble his teeth in a natural way. Some dogs are also prone to tartar. This should also brush your teeth.

Paws Scissors (curved)
Some long-and wire-haired breeds are highly proliferative growth of hair around the paws and in between the toes. The curved shape of the paws scissors can be dealt with through the constant and unnecessary hair well.

Dog Scissors
Some breeds such as Poodles and Kerry Blue Terriers are cut. It requires a special dog shears in different lengths. A dog may also scissors for trimming the edges of the ear and the hair will be used on the genitals.

Thinned with thinning shears to the hair usually only. However, you can blend it with other things in terriers and other breeds of critical points, for example, around the anus, without getting too flashy cutting edge. But you should be especially trim races but used sparingly.

Dog clipper
Escher dog machines are used primarily for poodles and similar breeds to bring large areas to save time in very clean shape. Such non-shedding breeds have almost the shearing machine and a bad influence on the quality of hair. If the machine for convenience but for breeds such as terriers and schnauzers trim, but also long-haired breeds and stock is used, it can lead to undesired effects.

The rough-haired breeds lose their hard through the virgin hair structure. The fur is soft and loses its easy-care properties, and often its strong color. To make matters worse, the hair follicle remain stuck and cause the dog itch. Therefore, you should trim wire-haired breeds exclusively.