Dog Naming Tips

Finding a name for you pet is one of the most important things you as a pet owner will have to do. In fact, there is a lot to finding a perfect pet name for you dog than the simple aspect of naming. A perfect pet name should describe the dog's looks, temperament and personality. In as much as you will want to give your pet a name as soon as you buy it, you will need to understand how the dog behaves under different conditions to determine aspects like temperament which are very important in determining the name to give. Here are dog naming tips to help you find the perfect name for your friend and companion.

 Physical characteristics. Look for names that correspond to the physical appearance of your pet. Some of the common names for large dogs include Maximus, Colonel, Burl, Hulk, Rocky, Mufasa and Hannibal. Names like Jasper, Ruby, Opal, Pearl and crystal are ideal for small sized dogs. Wooly, Shaggy, Grizzly and Harry will be perfect for dogs with huge fur balls.

 Dog names based on nature. Ideal dog names for aggressive characters include, Sherman, Custer and Stonewall. Names like Bonitta and Molly will be ideal for beautiful female dogs. Clint, Rhett, Casey and Gatsby will be perfect for sophisticated male dogs. Desiree and Delilah are perfect dog names for little sweet female dogs.

 You can also name your pet based on your favorite artist. Names after cartoon characters include Stewie, Cartman and Mario. If you are into movies, you can name your dog based on favorite actress like Scarlett, Roseanne, Greta, Halle, Miley among others.

Basically, you have a whole lot of names to choose from. The best pet name can only be determined by you. However, it should also be a name that you dog likes and responds to.