Dog Training Techniques Simplified

Owning a Pet can be one of the wisest decisions that you will ever make. Dogs are considered to be friendly, loyal and are easier to take care of than children. The additional benefit that a dog brings is that it can be a companion as well as protect you in times of danger.

What new pet owners often quickly realize when they bring home that adorable puppy, is that it needs training. The key objective when seeking to train your dog is to know what kind of behavior you want it to model. Popular myths believe that letting out your dog every few hours will not effectively potty train your dog.

The basic rules and instructions are easy to follow;

- The cardinal rule to remember when you start to train your dog is, never use physical punishment as a tool of correction. Positive reinforcement has more effective results than hitting. This because dogs don’t understand what being hit means and the consequences and may harm you in self-defense.

- Use puppy training games; there are different games that have been created that can be found online or from experienced dog trainers. These games teach specific behaviors that you want it to have. For example the puppy passing game, familiarizes the puppy with being handled and receiving attention and care.

- Have frequent break sessions. Allow the dog to have break of at least 15minutes if they successful y perform a task they were given, this prevents monotony and also give you a needed break to rest.

- Teach them tricks; Its fun to teach your dog different tricks; this will break the monotony and also be very enjoyable for the dog .Examples of easy dog tricks are rollover and crawling across enemy lines
Remember dog training is a slow process that needs a lot of patience, determination and consistency.