Dogs and Cats as Pets

It is the nature of canines being territorial, that they fight any new cats or even new puppies. They tend to mark their area and ready to lunge at just anybody who tries to invade their space.

On the other hand, kitties have the same tendencies that though they are smaller compared to dogs, they are ready to scratch so as to protect their territory.

If you are going to care for these two animals in your home, the first thing you need to do is to introduce obedience. Train your canine to understand and obey your “no” command.

Allow your feline to roam around your household. Cats enjoy doing this and it will make their scents spread inside your home. After doing this, you need to temporarily lock your pet cat in a specific room so that you can let your dog to do its turn to wander around, sniffing the scent of your cat. It will make your puppy be familiar with your cat’s smell. This is part of the training for your puppy to make it understand that the cat is a part of the household.

Puppies normally initiate barking when they see other animals near their area in order to scare them away. When it begins to bark, introduce the command you want your puppy to obey. Say “no” to make it understand that the cat is a friend and a part of the family.

Once your canine begins to calm down while the cat is near its presence, then you can let your puppy smell the cat. Soon after your canine stops barking at your cat, only then you will realize that you have succeeded in your initial training to your pets.

Make sure that each pet has enough time to coexist. Cats may not cooperate because they tend to be aloof, not because they are afraid of dogs or other individuals; it is simply their nature to remain isolated.