Health Issues that can Affect Dogs

Canines may be affected by several illnesses which lead to unstable health conditions. Diagnosing them can easily be done with the aid of veterinarians. They will prescribe the proper medication when needed and advise upon the best type of nourishment.

Hills Z/D Prescription Diet aims to assist dogs suffering from food allergies and intolerances to different ingredients. Certain proteins are responsible for the reactions developed by the pet’s stomach. This product reduces to amount of protein whilst still providing the immune system with enough resources in order to stay healthy.

The digestion process is also improved by means of high nutrient availability. Free radicals in the body are neutralized by the antioxidant formulas contained by the nourishment. Products can be purchased in either dry or wet (canned) food versions. Low levels of allergen will prevent reactions such as chronic pruritus and gastro intestinal disorders.

Obesity and over weight control can prove to be a challenging matter when it is not dealt with accordingly. Extra kilograms will cause discomfort to the dog, create difficulty when moving and exercising as well as lead to delicate heart condition. The amount of calories consumed by the pet on a daily basis, have to be monitored closely.

Hills R/D Prescription Diet is low calorie based and contains fibre and antioxidants which help burn fat and eliminate toxins. Ingredients used are pork, vegetable fibre, ground rice, vegetable oil, calcium, iodised salt and vitamins. The amount of food consumed daily should be set after discussing with a veterinarian in order to be certain that it is correct. Weight loss should be achieved in a healthy manner, without damaging the immune system.

Joints and articulations are the first ones to be affected by the increased number of kilograms. Therefore, nourishment which contains high amount of Omega 3 acid is recommended in order to prevent fragile joints and cartilages. Hills J/D Prescription Diet provides dogs with high levels of glucosamine and natural chondroitin, well known for their weight management properties.

Stress on joints is decreased by the amount of L-Carnitine which increases the conversion of fat into energy and avoids lean muscle mass. This product promotes healthy joints and preserves strong cartilages. It is also an optimal meal for canines suffering from arthritis, helping them walk and move with ease.