Keep Your Dog Happy

A dog is one of the best pets you can ever have. It is a great companion and adds something new to your life. However, to enjoy great company of your dog, it is imperative that you keep him or her healthy and happy. One of the most important ways to keep your dog happy is by loving it. Show love and affection bearing in mind that he or she is an extension of your family. Feed it well, play with it and spend quality time with your pet. Avoid yelling at your pet because it will feel bad and sad.

Diet is also very important for a healthy and happy dog. For this reason, it is essential that you feed you dog as healthy as possible. It is essential to include vegetables and plenty of proteins in your dog’s diet. Chicken, lamb stews with carrots, fennel seed, oregano; Celtic sea salt and butternut squash and garlic are good for your dog. They are rich in essential nutrients and minerals. They enhance general health of your dog. Additionally, it is imperative to give plenty of water to your dog. It is good for body hydration.

Exercise is equally important for your dog. This is an excellent way to keep the dog happy, healthy and active. You can play with your dog regularly. There are also toys you can purchase for your dog to ensure it is active and in the best health condition. After play, it is imperative that you bathe your dog. Bathe the dog using warm water and shampoo. Natural oatmeal shampoo is excellent for your dog. Rinse all the shampoo to ensure your dog, is sparklingly clean. Proper grooming is also important. Groom your dog’s nails and hair using the right products. This will enhance general health of the dog, keep it happy and good looking.