Making meal times with puppies easier

Feeding puppies can be a very stressful time especially if you have more than one. It is hard work ensuring that they each consume their fair share and that they actually want to eat the food they are given.

It may be necessary to separate them during feeding time so you can be sure each puppy is receiving the required amount as nutrition is especially important at this stage to allow them to develop normally.

Puppies need to be fed their daily allowance in small but frequent meals; this is the first step you need to take to ensure your pups will eat. It is also vitally important that you follow the recommended feeding guideline and accurately stick to it as it is very easy to over or under feed when you are feeding smaller meals throughout the day.

A good way to ensure you are feeding the correct amount is to measure out their daily allowance of food and then place it in a Tupperware pot then you can easily just split the food up throughout the day giving you peace of mind too.

If you need to give your pup a little encouragement to eat then the following methods are good to use:
• Hand feed them the food
• Warm the food to make it more palatable
• Provide fresh food if it hasn’t been eaten as stale biscuits will not tempt any dog
• Stick to a routine and feed them accordingly, this way they will know when to expect their food and should begin to become hungry around these times

Different size breeds of puppies will grow at different rates and therefore have different energy requirements, which is why it is important that you feed them a diet suited to their size and growth rate.

The Royal Canin junior food diets are specially formulated for the puppy life stage. Their energy content is suited for the breed and size of puppy to ensure it adequately meets their nutritional requirements and each diet has specialised nutrient to support the breed size’s individual needs.

The Royal Canin maxi junior diet is great for large breed puppies that weigh 26-44kg at their adult weight and can be fed up until they are 15 months old.