Need a Dog Mansion?

Affluent pet owners finally have something spectacular and out of the ordinary to offer their pets. In particular, dog owners can now purchase a deluxe mansion for their beloved dog instead of the typical doghouse.

Pampered pets are nothing new. It's simply the level to which pet owners can now go that is. Birthdays and holidays have always been celebrated for many a dog or cat, but how many can actually say that they have received a mans'on of their own for their birthday?

As time goes by and as more companies sprout up, more and more dogs will own a mansion of their own. Today's dog owner who is in search of an over-the-top gift with style and substance can select from among an entire entourage of differently sized and priced doggie mansions

Doggie mansions start as low as $1500 for a smaller, less extravagant model to $100,000 for a higher end model. The sky is pretty much the limit too with a custom made doggie mans'on that is constructed per the purchaser's specifications. Does your pet prefer a New England Colonial, a cottage, or perhaps something with a Mediterranean theme?

The construction of the homes is as varied as that of homes designed for the human owners Aluminum siding, stucco, brick, or stone are only some of the options that are offered. Personal taste and the size of your wallet are the only things that truly dictate what it is that you can purchase. These aren't skimpy dog homes either. Some of them can run as tall as twelve feet high.

In addition to the style of the home, several add ons are available including decks, picket fences, and gardens In fact, custom windows are another option for the purchaser of a doggie mansion to consider. Hinged windows, bay windows, double windows, and more are all available for the discerning dog owner.

On the inside of the home, special upgrades can include air conditioning, ceiling fans, and deluxe lighting. Of course, you can purchase the home and furnish it yourself or perhaps you'd rather get it already furnished.

Some people might consider these homes for pets as a bit outrageous, but affluent owners are not shy about purchasing one at all. In fact, even pet owners who aren't affluent, but who are centered on their dog are looking into some of the less expensive models These mansions are not for everyone. In fact, they're only for the dogs.