Prevent Excessive Barking

Barking is only natural for dogs. For them, this is the language they use to communicate. But the problem lies in their excessive barking especially if it already affects the entire neighborhood by causing them sleepless nights.

Most dog enthusiasts believe that the main reason of dogs’s hoarse barking is curbed energy. You probably have a dog in your home that barks excessively especially if it is constantly chained or always kept in a doghouse or kennel. This confinement will make the dog irritated, and barking becomes its outlet.

Exercise is one of the valuable ways to prevent a dog from making excessive barking. By giving your dog an opportunity to flex its muscles every day from 30 minutes to one hour, you will eventually have a more obedient dog and will allow your neighbors to sleep peacefully at night.

In addition, walking exercises not only benefit your dog but you as its owner as well. Although dogs are domesticated, some of their needs like exploring the surroundings have to be satisfied.

Aside from exercising, your dog’s excessive barking may be addressed by creating that bond with your pet. You can control your dog by allowing it to know you are its boss. And in order to be in full control of your dog, you ought to establish some restrictions. Instruct your pet to do what is right and admonish it for its bad behavior.

If your pet is barking too much, you need to show how you dislike its behavior by reprimanding it. Once your dog quiets down, you can reward it by giving it a biscuit or simply by rubbing its head.

Since it is their nature to bark in order to draw attention whenever it is necessary, it is alright to allow them to express themselves. However, with your pet’s excessive barking, you need to show your authority to discipline it.